Scale / Arpeggio Practice Techniques

Learning new scales can be quite hard and sometimes boring. Here are singe good ways to make the process a little more enjoyable.
1. Try just learning 2 strings at a time. Then add the next string once you have the previous two strings being payed without error.
2. Play the chord the scale relates to first then play the scale.
(Play chord then scale)
This help in the future if you are playing certain chords you’ll be able to figure out quickley the scale that’s related.
3. Make up a song, riff, or fun idea with the scale you need to learn.
Hope that helps you with your scales and arpeggios.

iosFonts – SKLabelNode

Here is a link to all the possible fonts to use with your

Find the link here

mbox 2 and Apple OS X YOSEMITE

Here is how to use mbox 2 and Yosemite. I have os 10.8.5 installed with Pro tools 8.05 on the main drive . This is the best version of OSX that works with Protools 8. (The other thing is you have to have the mbox connected when you boot the system or it won’t load protools properly)